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Welcome to the new JRH Enterprises/JRH Night vision website. After over 21 years using the same website software, we moved to this new site in early July 2023. In 2022 we celebrated our 30th year in business.

JRH Enterprises

PO Box 317, West Green, GA 31567

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I started training and  preparing in 1986 as a young man. I’ve taken it seriously my whole life. In 1992 I started JRH Enterprises first selling surplus gear and prep related books at gunshows around my home state. Within a few years we began running full page advertising in the OLD American Survival Guide magazine, back when survivalist magazines were good and actually worth purchasing. I sold my first piece of Night Vision- a PVS4 back in 1993 and have worked with, trained with and dealt with Night Vision ever since.

In a very short period of time our sales grew and product line expanded. In all this we have striven to never compromise- never compromise on your security and never compromise our ethics. 30+ years later those remain the dominant characteristics of JRH Enterprises.

The latter part of the 1990’s saw us starting and running a mid size commercial cannery in St. Augustine, Florida. In a short period of time we professionally packed the better part of a million pounds of food for long term storage that we sold commercially. We closed the cannery in late 1999 and moved to live at our retreat full time.

We’ve lived at our retreat full time for over 23 years now and have learned much. We heat our home with wood, solar power provides the electricity that the computer is using while I write this. We raise chickens, rabbits, cows and bees and have ample fruit trees and garden areas. We truly practice what we preach by training regularly and teaching classes, etc.

We host forums that offer a great way to learn for free:

and I’ve produced a number of videos on YouTube teaching various preparedness related skills. We host seminars and speak at various events in the Southeast, I’ve taught classes as diverse as beekeeping to combative pistol.

Look under the website heading “Seminars and training” for upcoming classes including our popular Midnight Rendezvous Night vision training classes and “SHTF Carbine” and “SHTF Pistol” class- two must-do classes for those serious about self defense and protecting your family in bad times. We also bring in trainers to our range in South Georgia – see our website

In short, we have the TRUE EXPERIENCE you need to draw on for preparing your family as well as LONGEVITY in the survival industry (over 30 years) which assures you of quality customer service.

Robert Henry

Updated July 1st, 2023

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