Questions regarding ordering-

 Will I be charged for my order as soon as I submit it?

Yes. Unlike the old website, this new website will process your card as soon as you place the order. When you phone in to place an order, then we will charge the card immediately before the item ships, therefore we highly recommend you call to order. We have taken orders over the phone since 1992 and answer our phone lines 9am to 7pm Eastern M-F and 9am to noon Eastern on Saturday. Lower prices on some items may be available when ordering over the phone- see the “what is MAP pricing?” question below.. Phone numbers are on top of every page 912.379.9441 912.375.1480

My card is getting declined for my purchase through the website, why?

Often times credit cards will flag high dollar purchases that are out of your normal patterns of spending. Debit cards are the worst for this. You will need to contact your card (use the phone number on the back of the card) and let them know you are making a large purchase. Debit cards often have “daily transaction limits” that the customer is not informed about as well. If your getting a decline, this is likely why. It’s not “the website,” it’s your card. Also, your shipping address must match the billing address for the card, if it does not for any reason you must call the order in. If you get a decline more than twice, stop and contact your card before trying again, or simply call us. If you call to order, we can walk you through this as well as split the charge up over a couple of days, or split the charges up over several cards- 912.375.1480 or 912.379.9441

How does the order process work?

We take orders over the phone as well as online and the process is extremely simple either way.

If you order over the phone, we will go over everything with you and read all the pertinent order information back to you to be sure of no mistakes. We confirm everything with you then and that’s the time you need to take notes as to any products with lead times, etc. We then charge you when the item(s) are ready to ship and as soon as they are actually shipped (not before) we send you the tracking info via the Email address you gave us when you phoned in the order.

If you order online, you will receive an email confirmation of the order automatically from the website. Be sure you are paying attention to any notations of lead times for specific items, etc. When your order ships you will receive an email from us with tracking info. The “website” does not “update” you on the order- you check your email.

How soon will my order ship?

Most items are in stock and as much as time permits we regularly update individual listings to make notation of stock status. Similarly if an item has a lead time, we will note that and we would highly advise you to call in your order for an item that shows a lead time as that way you will not be charged for that item till it’s ready to ship- PHONE ORDERS ONLY! As noted above, the new website will charge your card immediately, so if an item has a lead time, you will be charged when you place the order, despite the lead time. You can always call or email to check if an item is in stock before ordering. We will manually send you an email with tracking information after your order ships, the “website” does not update you, simply check your email for an email titled “Invoice and tracking” or “Tracking.”

An item I want to buy shows “out of stock” but says “call to order only?”

Some items can only be ordered over the phone due to the lead times involved with that particular item. This is for your convenience so that your card is not charged upfront for an item that may not ship for a while due to lead times on products like certain dual tube night vision devices and certain thermal imagers. Just call us to order on those items.

What is “MAP pricing” ?

“MAP pricing” refers to “Minimum advertised pricing” policies. Basically it’s an agreement that manufacturers often coerce dealers like us into that state that we are not allowed to “advertise” a price lower than what they set and not allowed to run “sale prices” etc. This is very common with optics, Thermal imagers and many other products. This is why when you look around, you will often see many places having the “same price” on a certain product. These are the products where we highly advise you to CALL TO ORDER. Let’s just say it’s in your best interest to make a quick phone call on certain products like those. 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480

Will you email me tracking for my order?

Yes. We will manually email you tracking to the email address you entered when you placed the order. BE SURE you pay attention to what email address you entered, it’s very common for people to have multiple email addresses. For night vision orders, we send you an email with your tracking that also includes a Quick User Guide for NV. We highly recommend you read through everything we email you so you operate the devices safely. The “website” does not give you tracking information, check the email address you used for the order for that information.

Do you have a warranty on your night vision devices?

Yes. All units produced by JRH Enterprises/JRH Night vision carry a 5 year warranty. The warranty is transferable to the next owner provided it’s registered with us by the 2nd owner and no modifications have been done to the unit and the data plate and identification remains intact. Like everyone else’s NV warranty, ours does not cover damage caused by IR illuminators, IR lasers, weapons mounting units, modifications to the unit including the unit being disassembled by anyone but JRH night vision or general carelessness by the user. We highly recommend you read the “Quick user guide” that is emailed with all NV orders as well as the paperwork in the box with your NV that covers safe use. We have over 31 years in business, order with confidence.

Can I change my order after putting it in online?

In most cases no, therefore be sure you are ordering the correct item, FOM level, size, etc. Check the item description carefully for details on what’s in stock and what is not in stock- for example we may only have certain FOM levels of tubes in stock for a certain NV device. A quick call or email will answer any questions you have and you can always order over the phone after getting your questions answered. Due to the nature of the new website and ordering system we are unable to do the old 7 day price match that we did on the old website. The amount you pay is confirmed when you order and will not be changed for any reason.

Do you have a layaway program or financing?

At this time no. There are several options we can help you with, call or email for details.

Do you offer military and law enforcement discounts?

Yes, just call to order to get these. Please do NOT email us your “credentials”, unlike other companies we do NOT require your DD214, your LE badge, or DNA to give you this discount! For bulk purchase quotes, you must email with exact details of what units, the quantity and the date of purchase. All emails go to the same address listed everywhere on the site- robert@jrhenterprises.com

Do you offer cash discounts?

For customer convenience we have over the years offered a “pick up in person” option for those that would rather pay cash (as in American dollars/FRNs) in person and pick up items. Call at least 2 days AHEAD OF TIME to arrange. 912.375.1480 912.379.9441 We are located in South Georgia.

Do you ship outside the United States?

ABSOLUTELY NOT and please don’t bother to call or email to ask us to. We will IN NO CIRCUMSTANCE ship anything outside of the United States, and for those that think Canada is the 51st state, YES this includes not shipping anything to Canada.

Do you offer hand select on night vision units?

Yes. We offer hand select at no extra charge on most units produced by JRH Night vision purchased during normal times. Since in stock night vision devices inventory changes hourly, we do not publish a “list” of units. A quick phone call will allow you to pick out your unit and know EXACTLY what you are getting ahead of time. The unit is then immediately boxed and shipped to you. 912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480

Do you allow products to be back ordered if not currently in stock?

On some items where availability is relatively constant, yes we will allow you to order that item on a back order status. Note- the website will charge your card immediately however if you order online. To order something that shows on back order we highly recommend you call to place the order as then we can delay you being charged for that item until it’s ready to ship. We reserve the right to cancel and refund any back order at any time at our discretion.

“Do you take American express?”

We stopped accepting american express in 2001 and we have vowed to never accept amex again. If you are getting an error while putting in an amex on checkout, this is why. We will not accept amex under any circumstances, even over the phone.

“What is your phone number? Can I call with questions?”

Yes you can always call with questions- we don’t hide from our customers. Call us 9am to 7pm Eastern M-F and 9am to noon on Saturday. We are only closed a few days a year- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Year’s day. Phone numbers are on the top of every page of the website and here again also- 912.375.1480 or 912.379.9441