Hesco L211 10×12 armor plate

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Hesco L211 10×12 armor plate

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HESCO 200 Series Plates:  BI L211 Single Curve / Shooter Cut

New 200 Series Armor Level Rifle Special Threat Stand Alone Plate

The 200 series plates are designed to be worn where concealability matters and crucial for the specific requirements. This Special Rifle Threat armor plate is designed to be light yet durable against light AP rifle ammunition.

The L211 Special Rifle Threat armor plate from the 200 series provides the best low visibility armor with a light AP protection and a focus on value.

The HESCO L211 is compatible with BI L110 Special Rifle Threat Stand Alone Side Plates to complete the protection zone, side plates can be elevated to cover the heart against side shots.

HESCO 200 Series- Special Rifle Threat Stand Alone Features

  • Advanced composite materials
  • Highly durable, water resistant Polyurethane coated Cordura fabric finish
  • Cost effective with no compromise on quality
  • Special rifle threat

The HESCO L211 Special Rifle Threat Stand Alone Armor Plate is a perfect combination of concealability and light AP protection.

It is made by a company that is in this business for more than 20 years and this product is a testament to their superb design in Special Rifle Threat armor, if you need a reliable light AP defeating armor, this is it!


Weight: 4.9 lb / 2.2 kg

Protection: Special Rifle Threat

7.62×39 M67 Lead Core

7.62×39 M43 Mild Steel Core

7.62×39 API

5.56×45 M193 Lead Core

5.56×45 M855/SS109 Mild Steel Core

5.56×45 M855A1 Enhanced Performance

Material: Ceramic/composite

Color: Black

Shape: Single Curve / Shooter Cut


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