InfiRay Outdoor RH25 Rico MICRO 640 12 micron 25mm Thermal Monocular


Infiray Outdoor Rico Micro RH25 thermal weapon sight, clip on, do it all monocular!

7/24- loaded the last few we were able to secure at the temporary price drop into inventory, this is it.

7/18- We just received an email from InfiRay stating this price drop would end in the next few days, we will NOT be able to extend the sale price or make any exceptions! Last dozen at this price available now!


InfiRay USA just announced this SHORT TERM price drop effective for new orders placed July 1st and after. This is a MANUFACTURER mandated price drop, we had no control over when it started nor will we have any control over when it ends- snooze you lose!  Units in stock ready to ship and will move fast at this price!

The InfiRay Outdoor RH 25  RICO MICRO Series is an advanced electro-optic device miniaturized to deliver remarkably versatile functionality: Handheld, helmet mount, weapon mount, and clip-on. Weighing less than a pound, the MICRO will fit in the palm of your hand and can be used with standard dovetail helmet mounts or rifle-mounted as a stand-alone weapon sight. InfiRayOutdoor is blazing a new trail with features never-before-seen in a helmet-mounted thermal, such as onboard recording, onboard video play-back, and a high definition AMOLED display. The RH25 also features InfiRay’s latest high-performance 640×512, 12 μm sensor technology, MATRIX III processing, and a manual-focus f/1.0 objective lens to create an image that is unlike anything in its class.

InfiRay Outdoor’s cutting edge manufacturing techniques and the highest-quality components on the market combine to produce an optic that is a step ahead of the competition in size, weight, and performance. The RICO MICRO has the features night hunters want and is more capable than optics twice the price and twice the size.


Device Technology:         Thermal Imaging

Sensor Resolution:           640×512

Sensor Frame Rate:         50hz

Sensor Pixel Size:              12μm

Optical Magnification:    1X

Digital Magnification:     4X

Detection Range:              1375 Yards

Objective Focal Length:  25mm f/1.0

Objective Diameter:        25mm

Objective F#:      1.0

Optical Magnification:  1X

Digital Magnification:  4X

Objective Lens Material:   Germanium

Horizontal Angular Field of View:  17.5°

Vertical Angular Field of View:  14°

Detection Range:  1375 Yards

Objective Focal Length:  25mm f/1.0

Objective Diameter:  25mm

Objective F#:  1.0

Focusing Mechanism:  Manual Focus

Eye Relief:  35mm

Display Type:  AMOLED

Diopter Range:  -4 – +4

Display Resolution:  1024×768

Onboard Recording:   Video and Image

Reticle:  7

Connector Type : “Data Cable with USB, BNC, and 7-Pin Connectors”

Color Palettes:  White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Color

User-Updatable Firmware:  Yes

Mobile App:  Yes

Storage Capacity: 64gb

Connector Output:  Analog

Picture-in-Picture:   No

One-Shot Zero:  No

Stand-by Mode:  Yes

Rangefinder:   No

Run Time:  4 Hours

Power Source:  18650 Rechargeable

Wifi:  Yes

Onboard Recording:   Video and Image

Image Capture:  Yes

Video Output:  Analog RS-170/NTSC

Startup Time:    <10 Seconds, Instant from Standby

External Power Source:  Yes, 7-Pin to USB 5V

Warranty:  5 Years

Country of Manufacture:   China


Mounting Interface:  MUM rail/Picatinny STD-1913 rail, PICTAIL optional

Housing Material:  Aluminum

Length:   4.52 in

Height: 2.55 in

Width: 1.88 in

Weight: 12.7 oz


The Rico Micro can also be used as a CLIP ON thermal imager in front of your daylight optic. See gallery images for size comparison to a PVS14.

iRayUSA partnered with American Defense Manufacturing to produce the PICTAIL and MQD delivering ADM’s gold standard picatinny mounting solution with an innovative lighter and faster dovetail design for faster helmet transitions. The PICTAIL mounting system is the combination of a standard dovetail shoe commonly used on helmet mountable night vision optics and the MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail used on weapons platforms. The synergy of these two mounting formats creates a system that is more accurate and versatile on a rifle while maintaining all dovetail capabilities on a helmet. The PICTAIL is compatible with standard dovetail receptacles used in helmet mounting interface hardware made by Wilcox, KVC, and others. The counterpart to the dovetail side of the PICTAIL shoe is MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rail specially designed with one slot that interfaces with the ADM MQD mount. The PICTAIL and MQD mount work in tandem to achieve an adjustable footprint on any standard picatinny rail. In standalone optic mode they produce over 4.5 inches of rear oŒset, and when reversed for use in clip-on mode the MQD and PICTAIL shrink the rear oŒset to just 1.5 inches. In clip-on mode the required forward rail space is just 4 rail slots in front of a day optic making the PICTAIL and MQD the perfect combination forshorter platforms like SBRs and pistols.

If you want to weapons mount your RH25 you will need both mounts.

This item normally has a 1-4 week lead time CALL to check availability and to order  912.379.9441 or 912.375.1480


Interested in a wrap for your RH25? CLICK HERE





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15 April 2024

Robert took time for my phone call during his busy day to help guide me through the choices and information about NV and thermal, I ended up deciding on the RH25 due to its flexibility in mounting options and great specs for the price.

While the user interface took a little getting used to (only 3 buttons), the menus are logically laid out and the RH25 is fairly easy to use.

I do wish the USB / BNC cable was more compact.

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