Lo-Sto Helmet mount Norotos, dovetail AND horn


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Norotos Lo Sto dovetail helmet mount


Norotos Lo-Sto Helmet mount, force to overcome model that will come with BOTH dovetail and horn (bayonet) plates.

What do you need to helmet mount a PVS14? See article at link below-



Once again, this is the easier to use FORCE TO OVERCOME model.

Now you can buy ONE mount that will grow with you as your NV goes.

Usually people buy a PVS14 as their first night vision device and later buy a dual tube set or dual bridge 2 PVS14s.

Because the PVS14 J arm is a horn also known as “bayonet” socket and dual tube sets and dual bridge platforms take a “dovetail” socket, a user ends up buying multiple different mounts and has to keep track of which mount for which device, etc.

With the Lo Sto mount You can easily change the bracket from a dovetail to a horn (bayonet) setup. Hence, you can buy ONE mount that you can use for ANY style socket with a quick change of the plate which is easily done, quickly without tools. Less expensive and more versatile than a G24 mount.

The Lo-Sto Helmet mount force to overcome is designed to meet a critical demand for a lightweight and compact mounting solution- weighing only 4.8 oz. which projecting a mere 2.35″ when folded. Compact and lightweight while preserving the Norotos standard for quality-engineered excellence. The Lo-Sto displays extended rugged field use while providing a mechanical advantage through manufactured precision.


The Lo-Sto’s NVG center of gravity and ergonomic wearability maximizes user comfort and extended application. Single handed easy operating differentials further heighten comfort enriching safety while maintaining custom fit adaptability, include glide rite infinitely adjustable vertical, tilt and fore/aft levers.


With the Norotos Anti-Wobble Quick-Change Adapters Lo-Sto allows the availability of rapid transfer between HORN and DOVETAIL style NVGs, permitting increased adaptability while retaining peak Anti-Wobble stability. Force-to-Overcome deploy/stow release ensures safe and firm user pressure activation for NVG flip-up/flip-down.

Engineered elegance and manufactured precision unite to reveal the most advanced night vision helmet mount available. The Lo-Sto delivers an unparalleled combination of lightweight minimal silhouette capable of enduring through the most demanding field conditions, maintaining safe and easy operational differentials, while becoming the pinnacle of comfort and Anti-Wobble stability.


  • Ergonomically Optimized Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment Levers for a custom-fit user experience
  • Helmet Mount Release Button allows quick one-handed release from Helmet Bracket or Shroud
  • Force-to-Overcome Deploy/Stow Release enables single-handed decisive user pressure flip-up/flip-down
  • Low Stow minimal visual aspect in stow position
  • Horn & Dovetail NVG Interchangeability with dual sockets for quick-change conversion
  • Universal NVG Compatible for PVS-7B/D, PVS-14, PVS-7A/7C, PVS-15, PVS-18, PVS-21, & PVS-31
  • Glide-Rite Infinitely Adjustable in both vertical and horizontal directions
  • Reduced Weight & Enhanced NVG Center of Gravity prevents user fatigue allowing long-term ergonomic wearability
  • Auto Shut-Off when NVG in stow position or removed from mount
  • Durable Helmet Mount Surface Finishes withstand extreme environmental and field conditions
  • Safe & Easy Operational Tactile Differentials on operating levers, knobs, and buttons
  • Normally in stock- usually noted at the top of the page, or 3-6 weeks for new shipments.

One more time because 1 guy missed this- THIS IS THE EASIER TO USE FORCE TO OVERCOME MODEL. Which means all you have to do is push the mount up to get it to go back on the helmet, no release button to try to find in the dark, just push the mount and NODs up to get them out of the way.

NOTE- the instruction card that Norotos send with these that shows how to adjust the mount also shows the “breakaway” version of this mount. As we have noted 4 times in this item description, the mount you are ordering here it the easier to use FORCE TO OVERCOME model and we do not sell the push button release model!


Note- in order to Helmet mount a PVS14 you need a couple things– All of these are linked via “related items” on the right hand side.

1. Helmet with shroud like our Ops Core FAST bump helmet (see related items)

2. Helmet mount like this Norotos Lo Sto mount

3. J arm for the PVS14, like a standard military J arm or  the AX PRO articulating arm (see related items). We HIGHLY recommend ditching the US GI military J arm and going with an AX PRO dovetail arm for more features and better lock up.

On dual tube sets like the Katana you may find that you need to remove the bayonet interface which sits behind the dovetail interface to allow for more adjustment room if need be.

1 review for Lo-Sto Helmet mount Norotos, dovetail AND horn

Rated 5.0 out of 5
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Rated 5.0 out of 5
3 January 2024

This is a very simple to use mount. No buttons to fumble with just flip the nods up or down and your done.

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