Midnight Rendezvous 3.0/4.0 night vision class- rural partner tactics


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Only offered every 2 years to recent (within last 2 years) of Alumni of Midnight Rendezvous 1 and 2

March 2, 3 2024

LIMITED to recent students of Midnight Rendevous 1.0 and 2.0 only. If you are unsure of eligibility- call or email us with your name and what classes you have attended with us.  We reserve all rights to cancellation any reservation for this class (and refund) for any student not meeting the requirements for the class.

Take your NV training to a higher level.

Available ONLY to recent students of Midnight Rendezvous 1.0 and 2.0  If you last took training with us in the 1990’s, you will need to come to 1.0 and 2.0 and successfully complete that before registering for this class.

We have stopped offering Midnight Rendezvous 3.0 by itself, that material is now offered along with #4 together in a two day rural partner tactics class.

As with all our NV training, you will first learn the techniques and have a chance to practice them during the day, then practice and apply them again at night under NODs.

We will begin with general observation skills and will produce them through multiple “jungle lane” exercises finding and engaging small hidden camoflaged targets as individual as well as with partners. From there we will move back to the square range to tune up weapons handling and begin partner exercises. Day 2 will be nothing but partner exercises and live fire practical exercises during the day and the same material “mirrored” at night as well.

Not open to just anyone, we have to have had you in class recently, we have to know you are 100% safe and competent with your weapons handling, hence you cannot just “skip” to this class without completing the others first.  You will need to be physically able to move quickly without running short distances, be able to get up and down off the ground safely, etc. We reserve the right to refuse registrations to any student we feel isn’t ready for this type of training.

We have Midnight Rendezvous 1.0 and 2.0 on the schedule for Feb 16/17  if you haven’t trained in a while I would highly suggest you look to those first.

We will have an absolute MAXIMUM OF EIGHT students in this class and it will be first come first served, we will take 1 or 2 people for a wait list as well.

No further discounts, no “bring a friend” discounts, etc. available for this class.

Early bird registration discounts- $500.00

NEW CLASS SIGNUP INFO- Starting April 2022, you will be charged 50% of class cost upon registering and you will have to pay the balance of your class costs in cash the day of training. This applies to BOTH new students and returning students. The 50% deposit via a card holds your space in this class with the balance due in cash the day of training. 50% now and the balance in cash the day of training. To be clear- you are paying HALF of the full cost of the class now via CC and you will bring the remaining half of the total cost of the class with you in cash to the class. Example- $500. total cost with “Early bird registration” = $250. charged now on CC to hold your space for that class date, then you will bring the balance ($250.) in cash to the first day of the class.



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