MURS HT Kit with FOUR Transmitters


This kit consists of FOUR MURS Alertâ„¢ transmitter and one M538-HT hand-held transceiver. We ADDED THREE MORE TRANSMITTERS to the kit for a TOTAL OF FOUR transmitters in this package. Save over $100.!!! This kit is ideal for people that are out and about, such as security guards, sales staff, and outdoorsmen.

The handheld receiver allows you to move around while getting real time alert updates and not be tied to a fixed position. Perfect for patrolling your property, for FLANKING an intruder, etc. Also since the Handheld also runs on AA batteries, this offers the best “grid down” way to hear your sensors alert.

WHO’S WATCHING YOUR BACK? These perimeter alarms act as 4 guards you don’t have to feed or pay who will alert you to intruders up to a 1 mile away from the receiver! Add as many extra probe/transmitter detectors as you like to cover all “zones” in your perimeter. We have used these in conjunction with seismic intrusion detectors and other options at the JRH retreat for years and have had great luck with them.

Runs on AA batteries- perfect set up for when the grid goes down!


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