PVS14 WP3UF Un Filmed White Phosphor 3rd Gen Autogated Night vision


PVS14 WP3 UF Unfilmed White phosphor 20UM grade in stock and shipping immediately!


PVS14 WP3 UF 3rd Generation Night vision device with WHITE PHOSPHOR AUTOGATED  L3 Harris UN-FILMED  20um tubes, standard military Carson housing and glass for optimal quality. All standard accessories. Manual gain control.

Brand new with 5 year  warranty-


Many people think the White Phosphor (WP) tubes offer better visibility and resolution in use over normal green NV tubes.

Minimum specifications for 20UM tubes- most ship with better than these- 28SN LP 64 minimum FOM 1792. See 1900 FOM and 2200 FOM minimum options.

Spot spec- Zone 1 – 0  Zone 2- 1  Zone 3- 2



Equivalent Background Illumination 2.5 max.
Resolution: 64 lp/mm min.
Max Spots Allowed in Each Zone, Spot Size (in.) ZONE
………..>.012 – .015 0___0___0
………..>.009 – .012 0___0___0
………..>.006 – .009 0___1___1
………..>.003 – .006 0___2___2


  • Use as hand-held, head mount, helmet mount or weapons mounted
  • Manual Variable gain control. Has an IR illuminator but it’s not necessary for use of the night vision device.
  • Light-weight and compact. 40 hours of use on 1 AA battery
  • Camera and video adaptable
  • Unprecedented 5 year warranty, buy with confidence!

All standard Military parts means good LONG TERM logistics 20-30 years in the future versus a knockoff unit that uses a lot of proprietary parts. Uses 1 AA battery.

PVS-14 system comes with:


  • operator’s manual
  • battery
  • Rubber eye cup
  • Daylight cover/pinhole cover
  • Neck cord
  • Tube data record



Optional accessories available:

  • Helmet mount
  • weapons mount
  • 3X magnifier
  • Night Vision compass


Interested in a wrap for your PVS-14? CLICK HERE

All our manufactured PVS-14s use a battery housing that will cut off power to the PVS-14 when the unit is flipped up in a helmet mount with the factory J arm.

Buy it now and avoid the price increase!


Add a custom waterproof hard case for $35.00



Highly recommend the purchase of an AX PRO14 arm to utilize with your PVS14 and a quality dovetail helmet mount like the Norotos Lo Sto mount (both available in the night vision accessories category).


9am to 7pm EASTERN.



What customers have to say about these units:


I had to make a post about this. It’s a really big deal. “ROBERT” from jrh enterprises was the magic man. I got a Pvs 14 3090 FOM  wp l3 . This source is good period. If you want to WASTE your money somewhere else DONT. I’m a very decorated combat veteran, many different engagements over the years. I’m salty as $*&k. Been to 5 different theaters many many times. THIS is the source you are looking for. I don’t use the VA because I am too lazy but I rate 100 disability. I saved 4 months eating RAMEN and canned beans. It was worth every penny x2. If you need nods, have nods and are looking to upgrade, or just want the best shit out there….

Semper Fidelis

USMC 0311/0321/0331


Super Happy
I decided to go with a 2500+ FOM unit and couldn’t be happier. Robert was super helpful, picked out a great unit for me. This is my first unit and it’s just amazing how clear these Gen 3 L3 high FOM units are, even with just the built-in illuminator. Also shipping was super fast, arrived 2 days earlier than the tracking even said, and was in the mail day of order. Thank you!
Great tube
What an upgrade from the green phosphorus tube I have from years ago. Very high FOM and Robert was very helpful with all my questions. White phosphorus gives much better clarity IMO. When ready for other equipment I will call him first.
Excellent product & service
Purchased a few months back and let me tell you, flawless product and even better was the ordering process!!! Will be a repeat customer for sure!
I ordered this over black Friday and I had excellent service, any questions I had were answered very quickly. Fantastic customer service all around.
Excellent value
Product exceeded my expectations, it is a great value for the money.
Good gear
Great specifications really clear glad I purchase this had a few questions. Great customer service they were able to answer all of my questions this unit is well worth the money
Very Impressive
Nice unit with good specs. No noticeable blems. Fast shipping and good communication. Easy transaction for quality unit. Would buy again.
L3 Filmless pvs14
Fantastic! Received two days after ordering. Best on the market!
L3 Filmless PVS14
Amazing unit, high FOM low EBI got it two days after ordering, my friend ordered from another place 5 months ago and is still waiting.

1900, 2200



7 reviews for PVS14 WP3UF Un Filmed White Phosphor 3rd Gen Autogated Night vision

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Very good0%


4 January 2024

After having searched the internet for months I’m so glad I ended with JRH. Robert, a blunt straight shooter, walked me through what is really important when comparing apples to apples. He even identified potential issues with other units I was looking at. After making it clear every tube is different and setting my expectations level, I purchased. Ended up with 2600+ unit. I was blown away with the ability of this thing! Had some peppering in the tube, in no way affects the view however. After watching videos of people filming cameras through tubes, this doesn’t even compare… much better. Now saving for second unit or RH25 to bridge.

3 January 2024

I was a first time NV buyer last fall and purchased this product. The unit was perfect and everything I was hoping for and then some. The L3 tube is awesome, I can see my entire property, even in minimal light. Ordering, shipping, and product support are perfect.

3 January 2024

I ordered one of these last year and the product and overall experience were excellent! Shipped out within 1 day and has been perfect for a high-end monocular. Highly recommended!

1 November 2023

Robert answered all my questions since this was first purchase with them and first NVG. Everything went smoothly and shipping was quick. After using this I am amazed at the clarity of the 2500 FOM.

THANK YOU JRH Enterprises!

23 August 2023

Been running the WP3 unfilmed unit for a few months now. Really liking the unfilmed feature coupled with the 2500 FOM, unmatched clarity! Been running this in tandem with a thermal. The white phosphor overlays with the thermal almost seemless as the color sceme matches well and is not hard for my eyes and brain to process. Between the heat signatures picked up by the thermal and the clarity of the pvs-14 you can see even the smallest rodent while out strolling around. Without the clarity of the unfilmed pvs-14, I wouldn’t be able to see and identify near as much as I am able to, and I can do this for extended periods of time without getting a headache. Very pleased with the product and very pleased with JRH as I have bought a few things now and at this point, can’t see doing business with anyone else on NV products. Robert’s service has been great and products seem to be superior quality compared to others.

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