PVS14 White Phosphor 3rd gen WP3 HIGH GRADE Autogated Night vision


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PVS14 WP3 High grade utilizes a VH high grade White phosphor thin filmed tube, in stock and shipping immediately!


Black Friday/Holiday Sales start November 1st and all sale prices will be live then. Very limited quantities are available at these prices. All orders first come first served. We reserve the right to limit quantities and end sales at any time.

FREE “skullcrusher” and military J arm for a limited time with purchase of any PVS14.


THIS IS THE WP3 HIGH GRADE MODEL which currently utilizes a VH grade White Phosphor tube, we sold out of the lower YH grade months ago. These are the HIGHER GRADE VH tubes and also-   See also the option for M23H White Phosphor tube also.  M23H is considered the tip of the spear in grades of thin filmed tubes.

JRH Enterprises PVS14 WP3  3rd Generation WHITE PHOSPHOR autogated monocular. 1900 FOM Minimum (see the option boxes for 2200 FOM model and custom case pricing). Celebrating over 31 years in business!

Note- due to the higher performance in the 2200 FOM grade of tubes, we see a lot more 2200 FOM and higher tubes than we do 1900 FOM tubes which means that there are often more of them in stock for you to choose from.

NEW M23H tube option- These high specification Elbit tubes rarely become available to the commercial market, however we have recently acquired a small amount of these. Very clean tubes that will have an absolute minimum specification of 2300 FOM. These tubes do cost more and are rarely available but are considered the absolute best grade in thin filmed tubes.

PVS14 3rd Generation Night vision device with WHITE PHOSPHOR AUTOGATED Elbit systems thin filmed VH GRADE tube or see M23H upgrade, standard military Carson housing and glass for optimal quality. All standard accessories. Manual gain control.

Brand new with 5 year  warranty- NEVER A PRICE THIS LOW ON A PVS14 WHITE PHOSPHOR 3RD GEN


“What’s the difference between the WP3 High grade and the normal WP3 PVS14?”

The WP3 High grade models utilize an Elbit Systems of America VH  or M23H GRADE tube which are the highest spec commonly available tubes. This equates out to a cleaner image and higher overal specifications than our WP3 PVS14s with SLH grade tubes.


Many people think the White Phosphor (WP) tubes offer better visibility and resolution in use over normal green NV tubes.

Minimum specifications- most ship with better than these- This is the NEW 1900 FOM model, you will receive a unit with 1900 FOM or higher. “FOM” is Figure of Merit and is a calculation of Resolution X Signal to noise ratio.  The minimums are listed below for this grade but all are shipping way better than this. We highly suggest you call to order as we offer HAND SELECT on these units at no extra charge.

Equivalent Background Illumination 2.5 max.
Resolution: 64 lp/mm min.
Max Spots Allowed in Each Zone, Spot Size (in.) ZONE
………..>.012 – .015 0___0___0
………..>.009 – .012 0___0___0
………..>.006 – .009 0___1___1
………..>.003 – .006 0___2___2


  • Use as hand-held, head mount, helmet mount or weapons mounted
  • Manual Variable gain control. Has an IR illuminator but it’s not necessary for use of the night vision device.
  • Light-weight and compact. 40 hours of use on 1 AA battery
  • Camera and video adaptable
  • Unprecedented 5 year warranty, buy with confidence!

All standard Military parts means good LONG TERM logistics 20-30 years in the future versus a knockoff unit that uses a lot of proprietary parts. Uses 1 AA battery.

PVS-14 system comes with:


  • operator’s manual
  • battery
  • Daylight cover/pinhole cover
  • Neck cord
  • sacrificial window
  • Tube data recordOptional accessories available:
    • Helmet mount
    • weapons mount
    • 3X magnifier
    • Night Vision compass


    All our manufactured PVS-14s use a battery housing that will cut off power to the PVS-14 when the unit is flipped up in a helmet mount with the factory J arm.


    Add a custom waterproof hard case for $35.00

    Add a padded Multicam Soft case for field use for $45.

    Highly recommend the purchase of an AX PRO14 arm to utilize with your PVS14 and a quality dovetail helmet mount like the Norotos Lo Sto mount (both available in the night vision accessories category)


    9am to 7pm EASTERN  912.375.1480

  • What customers have to say about these units:
    PVS-14 gen 3 white phosphorus
    Robert was great going over my concerns and questions. Then I received it, wow totally awesome. Great service and fantastic clarity. Exceeded my expectations.
    Great Buying Experience
    The seller was great. They reached out to confirm what I wanted and expected.
    The product was just as I imagined. Clean lense with no black pixels and what not. Have been very pleased with just seeing nature under moonlight, in addition to any stars from a clear sky. Best camping gear I’ve invested in ever.

    Two Perfect Orders
    Have ordered two of these units. Robert was incredibly fast, patient and helpful in getting the matching specs I needed. Have since put many hours under both and the quality of image and performance is fantastic. Stargazing is especially fun, seeing shooting stars invisible to the unaided eye is something really special. Thanks again to JRH!
    Awesome NVG, no blemishes
    I contacted Robert after seeing his name come up on some of the forums that I frequent. He guided me toward this product and selected one with the specs that were most aligned with my request. The unit was far better than I expected and has been a game changer with coyote management on my property. Thanks for an awesome product and a fantastic buying experience!
    Awesome Everything
    I called my order in and talked to Robert about what I needed. He took his time and helped me get exactly what I wanted. I ordered in July of 2020 right before there was a nationwide run on NODs and I had a unit with higher specs than I expected and got it much faster than guys on my team who ordered elsewhere at the same time. I was impressed on all fronts. I should have posted this review a long time ago but the unit is still flawless and better late then never.
    Great product and support
    I wanted to make sure I made the right decision when buying my first PVS-14. Robert took the time to answer all my questions, even by phone after hours. He got me set up with a high spec Elbit unit and assured me that I’d be happy with the specs. He answered all my questions once I got my device a few days later. I’m very happy with my decision to buy from JRH.
    Excellent product, price, and customer service.
    Purchased right before Christmas and got a good deal as I had shopped around. The most important part to me was the customer service and the info provided. Im brand new to this and it was refreshing to get lots of info and a direction I should go. The device is better than I imagined and am super happy. Shipping was also extremely fast and I had it within a few days even though it was a busy time and coming almost across the country.

    Buy with Confidence

    This is my second night vision unit that I have purchased from JRH. The PVS-14 far exceeded the specifications listed on the site. I’m not surprised by this as my BNVD-SG’s were also the same way with zero issues. Dealing with JRH has been a fantastic experience. The follow up emails after purchase are extremely important but contain easy to follow / concise instructions. Michael is prompt with returning emails and phone calls even before I had purchased my first unit.
    I can’t recommend this product or this company enough… buy with confidence!
    It really is HIGH GRADE!
    I’ve waited a few months to write this review to really get a feel for the unit I recieved. Over all I can say I am VERY impressed as a first time buyer.
    I did my research on what I wanted and called Robert to fully understand what I was buying. A 30 minute phone call later and I ordered. Lead time was very quick as well as shipping. (Got it within a week. Your experience may vary)
    The 2200+ FOM tube I received has ZERO blemishes to it and was extremely clear! Everyone that has looked through it is amazed at the clarity. I’ve taken it out coyote hunting a few times (4+ hours of use each outing) but mostly showing it off to friends and relatives. You’ll find out you do more star gazing than anything else!
    The only con is that I did not recieve a J-arm with my purchase but it was stated that I’d only get one if the availability was there.
    Overall I’m very satisfied with my purchase and I am currently saving up for a 2nd unit! Buy with confidence and have fun with it!
    Incredible tube
    Very happy with my purchase. Tube is crystal clear without any distinguishable blemishes or spots. Customer service was great and shipping was fast. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
    The Little Elbit That Could
    I can’t find a single defect in this tube. Best money I ever spent.
    Great Company

    In early May, mid Saturday, I contacted Robert to ask some question about the high grade PVS14 and mounting options. Not only did Robert take my call and answer all my questions, he educated me on things I had not even thought about. I can’t say enough about how helpful and knowledgeable Robert is. I received my PVS14 last night and it is every bit as amazing as Robert said it would be. Looking forward to doing more business with Robert and JRH.

    Purchased this night vision and am in the process of getting it set up. So far very impressed. More important we were
    very pleased with Robert’s handling of our order. Though JRH is inundated with a flood of orders, he was patient
    and took time to answer our questions and make sure we understood products, set up, etc.
    Happy I learned about JRH
    I was told about JRK from another customer. JRH was very helpful throughout the entire process. This PVS14 is high quality and provides a great image. A friend looked through it and purchased this same model a few days later.
    Overwhelmed! Called and ordered the high grade version. I own 3 pvs14’s and this is the best one I own. Got to me 3 days after I ordered!

1900 VH, 2200 VH, M23H UPGRADE



7 reviews for PVS14 White Phosphor 3rd gen WP3 HIGH GRADE Autogated Night vision

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Very good0%


Rated 5.0 out of 5
7 November 2023

Absolutely love my NODS, great deal around the holidays called right up and ordered over the phone and got a great set of nods no blem.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
2 November 2023

Never thought I would be able to get night vision of any quality but this one is great. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
30 October 2023

Of course, the unit was exemplary in its quality and spec sheet. I called Robert to make my order and he was super-helpful with getting me squared away. I refer all my students to JRH now for all of their night vision needs.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
29 October 2023

I called up Robert and spent about 30 minutes talking to him as he answered questions to figure out what kind of tube I wanted. I ended up purchasing this kind of PVS-14 with 2200+ FOM. the unit I got was actually 2450+ FOM. Not only that, there wasn’t a single blemish on the tube. My spec sheet showed 0’s across the board and it really was! Shipped to my house in roughly a weeks time. I was so impressed that 6 months later I bought another one that closely matched the same FOM as a set of duals. Ive logged probably close to 100 hours with both units from hunting applications, to just star gazing and can say that I’m very impressed. If I had to do it all over I would absolutely buy again… except sooner than later. Haha!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
29 October 2023

Purchased the high grade PVS14 from JRH back in May. First, Robert was very helpful in assisting me with my selection based on needs and budget. Being my first experience in night vision, I was a bit overwhelmed with it all. Robert suggested the unit I ended up purchasing along with the AX14 arm. It arrived nicely packaged and quickly. Wow! What an awesome piece of hardware! The tube is super clear and I can’t find any imperfections when I use it. Sorry this review is late but buy from JRH with confidence!

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