Smooth LARPerator Patch JRH Night Vision


You are probably aware of the term “LARP’ing”, or “live action role playing.” This is used generically by most as stating that you are training, getting out there with your gear and doing stuff.

And most of us know what the term “operator” means. Not Ma Bell… But the guys out getting it done, direct action style.

But most of us don’t do that in an “official” capacity any more, or at all.

In comes our new morale patch-

Cause when you Larp WELL, then you’re a

SMOOTH LARPERATOR ©  2022 JRH Enterprises

Or, perhaps you prefer that “Hawaiian” look… then use the options menu to order the “Hawaii” version.

Both are PVC patches, the OD/black patch is raised, the Hawaii version is not raised. Just wanted to add that for the patch connoisseurs…

Get a couple to share with friends. Use the options menu below for “Hawaii” version.

VERY LIMITED RUN of these awesome patches!!!



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20 July 2023

This is a nice addition to my collection. Good quality

20 July 2023

I scored one of these sweet patches, and I even picked it up in person. I drove over 9 hours each way to get it, and I’m glad I did.

It’s the envy of my entire crew, and while I’ve done some great training, and I run all the best gear, this JRH Smooth LARPerator patch has helped me truly rise to the top of my game.

I also got the Hawaiian one, because sometimes I need to soften my rugged vibe.

Don’t f@<$ around – get nods, get guns, get training, but for the love of god, if you want to really be someone, get this patch.

14 July 2023

I ordered the Hawaiian patch and it arrived FAST! This is going to look great on my jacket, and I like that it has a Velcro backings so I can take just stick it on instead of having to sew it on.

6 July 2023

Arrived a day after I ordered it. Good quality. Might spring for Hawaiian next.


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