Head Mount for PVS 14 and PVS7 AKA “Skull Crusher”

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Brand new military head mount for PVS14/PVS7  commonly called a “skull crusher.” One size fits some... Read that again.


Brand new with the small and medium adjustment pads.

Definitely NOT the ideal way to mount your NV, but if you have nothing else and need something… Some folks buy an extra one for their BOB, backup in vehicles, etc.

These sell various places for upwards of $69. We are offering some extras of these we have at a loss, as such we will not accept any returns for these, if you have a large head this isn’t the best option for you, but people have/do modify these for various applications. No j arm included, just the skull crusher. They fit in a medium flat rate box which costs $15. to ship.


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