Bump Helmet Package for Night Vision


Bump helmet package with everything you need to helmet mount your PVS14 or dual tube set!

The best platform to mount your PVS14 or dual tube NV! Bump helmets out of stock 12/5

Customers have requested a “package deal” on all the necessary items to helmet mount their PVS14.


Everything you need in one package-

*Ops Core bump helmet size Large/XL- complete with night vision shroud, rails for attaching ear pro, lights, etc. “Mission configured” and ready to go. MULTICAM

*Norotos Lo Sto helmet mount- complete with dovetail AND bayonet interfaces. Easier to use FORCE TO OVERCOME model

*AX14 PRO articulating arm- to connect your PVS14 to the Norotos Lo sto mount.


Due to availability issues and lead times regarding some of these products they MAY not all ship at the same time and you will be notified of that.



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